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La Arrocería La Valenciana is a charming restaurant in the historic center of Valencia. A pleasant space where you will enjoy a cozy atmosphere with a Mediterranean and cosmopolitan air at the same time.

In La Valenciana you can taste the typical dishes of our land made in the most authentic way, especially the famous Valencian paella and many other rice dishes.

The secret of our success and the guarantee of quality for the client is none other than having excellent Chefs and paella masters, as well as a team excited for their work and for the excellent treatment of the visitor. Our daily work and enthusiasm is to get you a pleasant memory of Valencia.

  • Calle Obispo Don Jerónimo, 8
  • 961 043 540
  • Instagram: @escueladepaellas 
  • Facebook.com/Escueladearrocesypaellasvalenciana
  • www.escueladearrocesypaellas.com
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