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Enjoy a party of flavors, colors and textures with each of our juices and cocktails.

Take a Agua de Valencia, made with squeezed natural orange, in a cozy and friendly place where nature is worshiped.

From the market to your glass, the fruit is served in its pure state, unadulterated. Delight yourself with the delicacies that the planet gives us in a tropical, fun and inspiring environment that does not allow stress to enter.

Relax in the first Zumería in Valencia (since 1981) because what better than having a healthy and refreshing drink after visiting the most touristic places in the city center?

For a moment, happiness and peace are in our juice glasses, so take the straw and absorb it, let the juice reach your palate, taste it, and once you have felt the freshness and flavors of natural fruit smile, because you are in the Naturalia Zumería.

Information about Naturalia Zumería

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