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Ahuevo is a different restaurant. A contemporary restaurant with rustic cuisine. We believe in traditional cuisine, but we like the avant-garde, surprising with new flavors, merging kitchens and culinary styles.

We cook with seasonal products, we have a fresh kitchen with real flavors in a family atmosphere, where all dishes can be shared.

We want to be “what you already know, as you have never tried.”

We have a gluten-free menu so you can choose what you like the most, without restrictions and many vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Address: C/ Salamanca, 28 bajo izquierda
  • 963 28 40 66 – info@ahuevorestaurante.com
  • www.ahuevorestaurante.com
  • Facebook: A huevo Restaurante
  • Instagram: @Ahuevorestaurante
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