What’s Valencia?

Few cities in the world can succeed in integrating ancient monuments from its very origins dated in 138 b.C and the most vanguard’s architecture in such a harmonic way.

Valencia means everything: trade, culture, cinema, theatre, museums, music, and business. It is an important international vanguard’s design laboratory and one of the most active cities in international fairs and congress.

Due to its location, Valencia has historically been Spanish gate to the Mediterranean Sea, thus having acquired that special charm that just maritime cities have.

Last but not least, its fine white sand and clean wide beaches, and the nearby mountains confer Valencia and added magical touch.

Vive Valencia makes all its beautiful charms available to both national and international tourists. Discover the best tours and tips to enjoy this splendid city.

Valencia, this amazing city where you can enjoy 320 days a year of sun, enjoy the gardens of the old riverbed, sitting on a terrace or explore the beaches, mountains and fields surrounding the city.

Valencia which in Latin means strength or “value” today represents the essence of contemporary design in Spain, with a daring architecture, together with an experimental kitchen, but proudly preserves its traditions.

Come and Vive Valencia!