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Weekend before Fallas, full pantry and a place next to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. This is how the state of alarm caught Christopher Cognonato, owner of Toastone, who has contributed his sandwiches and XL solidarity to the #Food4heroes initiative.

“We decided to open to serve at home, but there was a lot of food and the idea came to send to hospitals.” La Fe, IMED or the Virgen del Consuelo Hospital received the 24 XL sandwich by Toastone shipment.

 “Customers and friends made donations. 50, 500, 1,000 euros … It was amazing. In a moment so complicated for everyone, that people donate part of their money for a local to cook for a hospital, it is a very big gesture”, he stresses, satisfied and excited. Knowing about his initiative, #Food4heroes contacted him.

Now he keeps the restaurant closed, but he goes twice a week to prepare orders for # Food4heroes. “I can’t ask the waiters to come every day,” confesses this Italian, who distributes the orders himself because “I like that connection, the human side, talking to the doctors.

Toastone enfermeras

Logical, since the response of the toilets is flattering: “sandwiches cause a furor.” More than one expects it to open its doors again to go try it out after business hours.

Size matters: half a kilo

Along with Toast, the Italian suffix ‘one’ (large) completes the name of a place in which the slogan ‘Size matters’ gives meaning to its objective. “The idea was to do something different, unique and very recognizable; generate memories in customers”, says Cristopher. That is why their sandwiches are half a kilo, with fresh, quality products and names related to children’s tales: 25 different ones.

Four years ago he decided to change his life. “I was a photographer in Italy and my mother lived in Miami, so we chose Valencia as a meeting point. We were already here and in five months the business was open“, he says.

Looking forward to the moment of reopening. And as long as people continue to need, they will continue to prepare XL sandwich, as their solidarity, for # Food4heroes.

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