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The Albufera Natural Park in Valencia is an old marine gulf, converted into a freshwater lake, it is one of the most important wetlands in Spain. It is declared a ZEPA area (Special Protection Area for Birds).

The formation of the Albufera lake occurred from the sinking of about 30 kilometers of coastline between Valencia and Cullera.

The Albufera’s profile is irregular, with an approximate diameter of about six kilometers in its widest part. As for the activity carried out by the inhabitants of this area, rice cultivation stands out especially.

It is only 9 kilometers from the center of Valencia. Without a doubt, the visitor will find a place of nature in its purest state. From La Albufera in Valencia you can enjoy the best sunsets, boat trips and an incomparable feeling of disconnection.

It is like an urban oasis surrounded by rice paddies and forest. There the origin of Valencian gastronomy was born. Right there, many years ago, paella was invented.

And it is that right there is the hamlet of El Palmar. A small town full of restaurants with the typical traditional dishes of Valencian gastronomy. The all-i-pebre, the marinated llisa, of course the paella and other rice dishes.

The Albufera Natural Park in Valencia has six signposted routes to enjoy taking a walk. During the tour you will be able to see all the water birds, the vegetation and the traditional fishermen of this freshwater lake, the largest in Spain.


You can do it by public bus with line 25 of the EMT. This line takes El Palmar and El Perellonet from the center of València, in less than an hour for a small price. You can get off at the Embarcadero or El Palmar stops and enjoy a traditional boat ride on the Albufera lake.

Another way to enjoy the walk to the Albufera Natural Park is in the Albufera Bus Turístic. In this bus, you will enjoy a most complete visit to the Albufera Natural Park discovering the rice paddyland ecosystems. In addition, this visit includes a boat trip.

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