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The Cabañal Market in Valencia is one of the most emblematic markets in the city. Located in the fishing district, this popular market has been open to the public for more than half a century. Among the services it offers, one especially stands out outside the market, that of direct sales between farmer and consumer.

Whoever visits this market for the first time will be captivated by its atmosphere and a walk through the neighborhood is a must, which has a long history and Valencia joins the sea.

The history of Valencia is linked to that of the Cabanyal-Canyamelar neighborhood. At the time it became an independent municipality in the 19th century, under the name of Pueblo Nuevo del Mar. Still today it is a fishing district, the protagonist of the most traditional prints, where life has a different rhythm.

The fishing district of Valencia

Its architectural value is immeasurable. In El Cabanyal there are barracks, fishermen’s houses, tile facades, colorful buildings and modernist structures. From the Fish Market to the Market; passing by the houses on Calle de Sant Pere, La Reina or Escalant; and even the Progrés and Amparo Guillem area.

The particular plan of its buildings and the layout of its urban planning – the alleys are almost a maze – are also responsible for a social climate and a very authentic lifestyle, almost extinct in the great metropolises.

Cabañal Market in Valencia

Among the points of interest are the El Musical Theater, the Rice Museum or the Paseo Marítimo. If visited at Easter, tourists will be able to enjoy the Steps of the Holy Marine Week.

The Cabañal market in Valencia has parking and some stalls offer home delivery service.

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