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The Correos (Spanish Postal Service) company volunteers have become an essential public solidarity service for the #Food4heroes initiative.

Conchi Escudero, a member of that group of workers from the entity that has participated in the initiative, summarizes his feelings: “we have felt the satisfaction of the locals who have contributed their work in this crisis, not only with food, but also with letters, poetry or messages; but also the happiness of the toilets for the social response to their uncertainty. Gratitude is the word that defines your reaction.

Entrega de Correos

#Food4heroes has also served to unite Correos employees, as deliveries arise daily unexpectedly, depending on the needs and requests of the hospitals. “There was always more than one volunteer ready to deliver the food, but we have organized for the nearest Delivery Unit to get closer to avoid unnecessary kilometers,” explains Conchi.

Even so “we have made the distribution on days off. Any day, any time. We were home, dressed in uniform, went to the office to pick up the vehicle, and then to deliver. And every day our WhatsApp group grew due to the involvement of the staff ”, he underlines to praise the commitment of the more than twenty colleagues from Castellón, Almansa or Valencia.

Public and private hospitals

La Fe, Doctor Peset, Quirón Clinic, IMED Valencia Hospital or Eresa Clinic have been some of the centers to which Correos has delivered rations for healthcare personnel, becoming the cornerstone of #Food4heroes, the link between shops and healthcare facilities . “It was all very emotional,” says Conchi.

Indeed, for many places -mostly small businesses- the contribution of Correos as a logistics delivery company has been a real salvation, since it has allowed them to focus all their efforts on preparing larger quantities of food and forgetting about delivery, a process to the one that the majority did not have the suitable conditions.

Kilometers and deliveries of a public service, which has been revealed as solidarity and essential

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