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The ‘Garrido Don Pa’ oven distributes kilos of solidarity with the # Food4heroes initiative. With two workers and a dozen ovens located in Valencia and various towns in the south of the capital, José Carlos Garrido, owner of the ‘Horno Garrido Don Pa’, decided that it was time to “contribute our grain of sand in this wave of solidarity” . In this way, they provide the artisan flavor to sweeten the day to the toilets.

“We are active on social networks and we saw the # Food4heroes initiative and the companies that participated. I thought we could join the project and I discussed it with the team. They were delighted ”, he explains gratefully. In fact, he says that, for the first consignment, both the employees and their children made drawings and wrote letters to the toilets they incorporated into the boxes.

Four kilos of their “typical” muffins, two kilos of croissants and even during Easter, 6 kilos of the traditional Easter cakes. This selection makes up the breakfast that Valencian hospitals receive from the Garrido workers, in operation since 1987. Undoubtedly, the artisan flavor to sweeten the day for the health workers.

Health personnel from the General Hospital, La Fe or Manises, among others, have tasted the dozen boxes of products made in the Albal artisan oven. First distributed in their own vehicles and, later, through the Post Office.

His drawings, framed in the hospital

The feedback from their participation in # Food4heroes is “absolutely positive and encouraging. Some customers congratulate us and thank us for the initiative «. Between excited and excited, he comments that in one of the hospitals “they are going to frame the drawings and letters from the first batch.”

“We have even received requests from restrooms who had seen the photos and contacted us to send them, specifically, to an ICU,” recalls José Carlos. This artisan of bread reiterates “the team’s commitment. Everyone has wanted to participate, although we have dedicated more hours than usual. It is a plus for the company and an absolutely enriching experience ”.

And the best way to sweeten health heroes, the Covid-19 twists.

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