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Carmen Peris, owner of Waffle Time, contacts directly with the departments of the different hospitals in Valencia to send her waffles. It is the sweet moment of #Food4heroes. And thanks “is the best reward. The feedback is wonderful .

To date he has made three deals. Staff from the ICU, the Neonatal or Radiodiagnosis plant, twice in La Fe and once in the Clinic, have tasted their homemade waffles. “Between 15-25 units in each shipment, although we have also prepared 45, depending on the needs of the hospital,” explains this Law Degree. But it doesn’t stop there. On the 23rd, on the occasion of Book Day, Waffle Time accompanied their shipment of homemade waffles with letters.

Social networks, and the comments of other colleagues, were the instrument by which this company, which is in the Lanzadera project, learned about the project. And precisely the comments of the toilets on social networks have awakened the demand for their “instagrammable waffles” in hospital centers. Cinnamon and caramel lotus cookies are the star order.

Waffle Time gofres

Goal: to reach all departments

“I try to take them to those areas and hospitals that I have not previously taken,” says Carmen, owner of three stores in the center of Valencia who opened her home service so that Wafflete Time can promote the sweet moment of # Food4heroes once a week.

Young (28 years) and a mother, Carmen opened Waffle Time two years ago with a clear objective: “to import the Belgian concept of eating waffles, but with a traditional, quality and innovative product”. Indeed, he has managed to get people to take photos of themselves by eating waffles.

But above all, she is satisfied with “being able to help with our products to have a good time for all those who are working in a hospital with long hours and who take a break to enjoy a waffle”.

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