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When Nazir and Hiba opened their El Miracle Restaurant they incorporated a new concept: a specific kitchen for celiacs and a gluten-free proposal in Valencia. With this premise, they thought that among health professionals there would be staff with this condition and they did not hesitate to contact the #Food4heroes project to offer their gluten-free solidarity.

This Syrian couple settled in Valencia for seven years, prepares for each shipment 10 servings that include starters, skewers and galettes, always with some grilled product. “It is our way of giving thanks: with our food,” says Nazir.

So far, four deliveries to hospitals such as La Fe, which have served as a claim for other hospitals. “They contacted us through social networks to tell us that they had celiac staff in their department and if we could perform any service,” although they have always acted through #Food4heroes.

Sanitarios El Miracle

“We try to adapt Syrian culture to a menu tailored to Spanish gastronomy, always with gluten-free and almost vegan products,” Hiba emphasizes with excitement about El Miracle: a space that fuses homemade food from various corners of the world with a creative touch. And it does it in two separate kitchens, so that celiac people do not assume any risk.

A gastronomic mosaic

The restaurant logo represents that idea: putting the different pieces together to make something beautiful, different. It is a Syrian mosaic. A handmade work, very typical in the capital, Damascus.

Tapeo, vegan or gourmet are the options to taste proposals such as baba ganoush (paté of aubergines), vegan bravas potatoes, falafel, grilled cuttlefish or vegetarian crepes, but also Creole empanadas, hamburgers or skewers.

Since the declaration of the State of Alarm, El Miracle, inaugurated three years ago, has remained open for home delivery, but Nazir and Hiba are clear that next May 11 they will open their restaurant to continue making possible the miracle of eating well and healthy. The miracle of gastronomic fusion and solidarity.

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