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Gonzalo and Paulo opened their shop ‘Santa Pasta‘ just now a year ago in the mercado Els Magazinos ’gastronomic market in Dénia. Closed since last March 14, Santa Pasta is the gateway of # Food4heroes in Dénia and the Marina region.

Although they have not returned to their premises, their solidarity amounts to more than 100 kilos of pasta. «We have a workshop in Ondara where we make fresh pasta. We do not prepare elaborated food, but we send packages of approximately 250 grams of our own-produced pasta «, explains Gonzalo.

Through # Food4heroes they contacted a doctor from the Hospital de La Marina in Dénia to contribute and show their predisposition to help. “For the doctors, the pasta bags are a very useful solution because they can cook them when they get home at night, surely without being able to go to the supermarket to fill the pantry.”

In fact, their solidarity extends beyond # Food4heroes. “We act almost on demand, seeing the needs of the different groups, without establishing a weekly distribution protocol.” The Local Police of Dénia, Civil Protection of the Dianense capital and Calpe, or a soup kitchen, have received the fresh pasta from Santa Pasta. Also a Michelin-starred chef from Calpe, who cooks the food they bring him.

We will do it as long as people need it

“When we closed we were puzzled, but soon we saw the possibility of helping and, to the best of our ability, we tried to see who may need what we produce and we will do so as long as there are people who need it,” says Gonzalo and corroborates Paulo, the craftsman who cooks pasta in a wood oven.

Arrived from Argentina in 2001 (Paulo) and 2015 (Gonzalo), they face this pandemic with uncertainty “because we do not know if we can open the premises”, but also with “hope because the solidarity of society has been barbaric and that makes us believe in people. You always have to look forward ”, concludes Gonzalo. Life lesson. Santa Pasta is the gateway of # Food4heroes in Dénia.

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