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“I am at the disposal of Paula (responsible for # Food4heroes Valencia),” says Karina, owner of ‘Volare’, a small family-owned business that she runs with her sister Raquel and who, since March 13, has only been He lights his stove for four hours to prepare the rations for the toilets.

Once a week -usually on the weekend- they prepare a dozen rations that they distribute in one of the city’s hospitals. The staff of the Hospital La Fe, Clinic, General or Doctor Peset, all of them from Valencia, have already tried from chicken to estrogonoff to any of the rice they make: paella, black or senyoret.

Uruguayan of Armenian origin, Karina arrived in Valencia more than a decade ago. Four years ago he opened his restaurant in the Carmen neighborhood, where he prepares Mediterranean cuisine, with classic tapas, fusions and, mainly, rice dishes.

 “I have always been a user of public health, precisely at the General Hospital. It is a way of giving doctors back the treatment they have always given us, ”he explains.

Volare Food4Heroes

The more the better to help

“We saw the initiative and we thought that after so many hours overworked, tired, they did not have the opportunity to eat well, nor surely they wanted to cook, so we decided to help” and they joined # Food4heroes. The project has more and more restaurants and member companies, “much better to help.”

As an immigrant, Karina appreciates social solidarity “because when you are away from home, these kinds of things are valued more.” For this reason, she is satisfied that more and more people are joining the project and her participation in # Food4heroes: “you can always do something for your neighbor, but the rhythm of day to day leads you not to look to the sides.”

For the past six weeks, Karina and Raquel have opened the doors of ‘Volare’ to let their solidarity fly.

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