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Solidarity is in the DNA of Coffe Gold, the Valencian coffee brand that has donated more than 13,000 Valencian coffee solidarity capsules for nurses throughout Spain (and continues to add up). And it has done so through the #Food4heroes initiative, which distributes food to health workers and professionals who work to alleviate the effects of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Coffee Gold participates in the # Food4heroes initiative by donating its products to hospitals, police, the Civil Guard and the army, which work to mitigate the impact of Covid-19. “We are very active in social networks, we saw the # Food4heroes campaign and contacted them to offer to send our products to hospitals,” says Lucía Pérez, head of marketing for the firm. Solidarity shipments also thanks to the involvement of the GLS delegation from Xirivella, which makes the distribution free of charge.

Since then, hospitals throughout Spain have received their capsules in shipments of 400 units. “The capsules are a hygienic, comfortable and fast format. We send all the same. We contact them to find out what type of machines they have and we adapt the order to their needs”, Pérez explains.

Their collaboration in the solidarity initiative has led to an increase in production “because the orders are considerably higher, which has forced us to increase the workforce“. This has led them to distribute more than 13,000 Valencian coffee solidarity capsules throughout Spain.

400 capsules per hospital…and quarters

They were the Valencians first, but the repercussion of the campaign has caused that they have received requests of national scope. “We have sent to Catalonia, Madrid, Galicia, Andalusia, Aragon or the Balearic Islands”.

But not only to hospital centers, but also to the Corps and State Security Forces. “A member of the family is the Civil Guard and through the body we contact to make a shipment to Madrid. From there we received requests from the Army and the National Police from practically all of Spain”, Lucía tells us.

Coffe Productions is a family business from Xirivella (Valencia), with more than half a century of experience in the sector, specialized in the manufacture of coffee capsules for large distribution. In fact, it works as a private label for numerous Spanish chains.

The 45 employees control the entire process, from sourcing, milling, roasting, packaging, selection and quality processes. The company has decided to reward the staff with €200 for their effort during this crisis.

Although its main line of business is aimed at private labels, it has developed its own line: Coffee Gold “that allows us to develop our own products to offer them to customers”, which is the one with which they participate in #Food4heroes.

Helps in cancer research

“We are a solidarity company, sometimes with a product contribution, other times with financial aid”, emphasizes Lucía Pérez. In addition to its participation in #Food4heroes, Coffee Productions collaborates with the Spanish Association Against Cancer through the ‘Aroma solidario’ initiative: they donate capsules to local groups in Valencia that allocate the profits from the sale of coffee to cancer research .

Coffee Productions produces more than 300 million cups of coffee per year and 125 different references of roasted coffee, figures that make it the leading company in the number of brands on the national market in the manufacture of roasted coffees as a Distributor Brand (MDD).

Heroes on both sides of the cup: serving and consuming coffee.

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