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The story of Ayelet and Ronen gives another long post. But today we bring you here because, from your local Kukla, in the heart of the Carmen neighborhood, they are making the lives of our toilets a little easier. They arrive from Israel to the heart of Valencia helping the doctors.

Both of Israeli origin, landed in our country after working in hospitality in various countries of the world. Last summer they decided to embark on the adventure of opening their own restaurant on Calle Palomino.

And they did it with a natural, vegetarian concept, with top-quality ingredients based on simplicity: chickpeas, eggplant, tomato, pepper, coriander, cauliflower, olive oil, eggs and a good handful of spices.

They were clear that they wanted to help in some way

Despite the short time they have been in Valencia, and with just a few months in the open restaurant, when the Coronavirus crisis came, they did not hesitate. “When it all started, we were clear that we wanted to help. We did not know how to do it and we saw the # Food4Heroes initiative on Instagram, so we decided to contact them, ”says Ayelet on the other end of the phone.

Despite being her first career as a businesswoman, her pulse has not trembled. “A couple of times a week, in coordination with Food4Heroes, we send about 20 food menus to the doctors at the hospitals who tell us,” he says.

She is very proud of the Middle Eastern cuisine they make at Kukla. That is why he emphasizes that “we are trying to cheer them up and help with our usual dishes, although we will sometimes do something more specific if they need it.

In addition to feeding their stomachs, Ayelet and Ronen also want to feed the spirit of the toilets. That is why they include letters of encouragement, some drawing or details on the packaging that will start a smile in this situation. And it is that they have come from Israel to the heart of Valencia helping the doctors.

With the feeling that they are carrying out a great mission, because in fact they are doing it, this past weekend, they have finally been able to start sending their food by home delivery. The fight continues, and they will be there to help, feed, and encourage. Thank you!

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