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That paella is the most international dish in valencian gastronomy is obvious. But, in addition, in this health crisis, it has also become a symbol of gratitude to the health heroes. And it is thanks to the participation of Paellas Velarte as a collaborator in the #Food4Heroes project.

Velarte prepared 900 rations for the health workers of Hospital La Fe as a sign of gratitude and recognition for their work on their own initiative. Aware of the reality lived by professionals in Valencian hospitals when the magnitude of the pandemic began to be sensed, Paellas Velarte contacted those responsible for La Fe to comment on their initiative.

For three consecutive days we made 900 servings of paella, our star dish. Two chefs prepared 3 paellas for 100 diners and 4 people rationed them. Later the hospital distributed them by plants”, recalls Manuel Velarte, director of the company, excited.

Then came the # Food4heroes campaign and Paellas Velarte has continued to collaborate “on three or four other occasions. Seeing what we did in La Fe, they contacted us to participate in the campaign and that has made management much easier for us“, emphasizes Manuel.

Paella and baked rice, the favorites

“The person in charge of the project asks us for a number of servings that we prepare, usually paella, but also baked rice”, explains Manuel. Correos completes the process by taking food to the hospitals: Manises, La Fe … in total another hundred more rations practically à la carte.

paellas velarte

“It was a gesture of thanks and appreciation for his work. But also our contribution to improving their working conditions. If they can eat freshly made rice at their break, they are likely to rejoin with more energy. At least that is our intention”, comments the Velarte manager.

Paellas Velarte puts the seal of Valencian gastronomy on the #Food4heroes initiative, with rice dishes prepared in the traditional way. With more than a century of experience, the centenary food house has been able to “readjust” to the current situation, required by circumstances. “Now we have focused on home delivery, with the guarantee of always offering typical dishes of Valencian gastronomy freshly made and prepared specifically for each order”, he reflects.

The heroes in white and green robes deserve it.

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