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With two restaurants in emblematic places in Valencia, Pablo Margós, executive chef of the Gastro Trinquet Group predicts the changes that are coming from a positive perspective: “physically distancing ourselves will cause us to have a more humane treatment”. The obligatory preventive physical separation will result in greater closeness in personal relationships. At ViveValencia we have wanted to know what your plans are for the most immediate future.

The Alarm State, the confinement and the closing of businesses “will serve to value the intangibles, the little things, and certain professions that make us better as a society. It has allowed us to stop, reflect and enjoy the small daily pleasures”, underlines Guillermo Taberner, manager of Vaqueta Gastro Mercat.

It has also served to strengthen ties with customers “in many cases friends” through social networks, “uploading recipes to our profiles to encourage people to have fun cooking“, adds Margós.

Guaranteeing the safety and hygiene of processes, raw materials, personnel, capacity … They will be the key to maintaining and recovering the confidence of customers, the basis of a hospitality sector in which, as the song of El Canto del Loco says, nothing will ever be like before.

Pelayo octopus

“We will take the necessary strategic decisions to continue making diners enjoy themselves, which is essential. For that, we need to have confidence in our work and our proposals”, emphasizes Margós.

Eating in Gastro Trinquet Group: local product

The Gastro Trinquet Group assumed in 2017 the gastronomic management of the Trinquet de Pelayo, the cathedral of the local sport Valencian pilota, next to the North Station. As its own slogan ‘Del trinquet al Mercat’ emphasizes, last year they launched Vaqueta, along with another iconic space in the city: Central Market. Rooting, history, local products and indigenous cuisine.

Both acknowledge that it will not be a “normal reopening”. That is why they plan new business lines, although they have not yet developed an action plan drawn to the millimeter. However, they have one clear thing: “if people cannot come to Gastro Trinquet Group to eat, we will go to their houses“. Because there is no physical barrier to contain human and kind treatment in personal relationships.

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